Sandrah Tubobereni


On April 7th, 2024, I hosted the second edition of Impact Day, a day dedicated to impacting female entrepreneurs and inspiring change. As someone in the fashion industry with experience spanning over a decade, I was thrilled to share insights from my journey with four hundred (400) women, and I was delighted to provide them with the opportunity to learn from me as aspiring female entrepreneurs.

This edition of Impact Day with Tubo had prominent industry experts who shared practical insights and inspired a collective shift in mindset among all participants. These experts include Abasiekenne Ukanireh, Founder of Eki Kere; Alma Karibo, Legal, Compliance and Data Privacy Professional; Edidiong Umokaso, Senior Associate at Maverick and Sceptre; and Mr. Bankole Williams, CEO of Live Your Dreams Africa and Peak Performance Coach.

During this year’s event, participants gained invaluable insights from topics such as understanding intellectual property rights, developing business structures, documenting standard operating procedures, and cultivating the mindset necessary for creative innovation. It was truly gratifying to see women from diverse backgrounds absorb these insights, ready to make a meaningful impact in their respective fields.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to all Impact Day with Tubo 2024 sponsors РBlack Bell, Nestlé Pure Life, VIE by Neni and all participants who joined us at Impact Day with TUBO 2024. Your presence and active participation significantly contributed to our collective mission of growth and impact.

I eagerly anticipate continuing this journey together in subsequent Impact Day With Tubo editions.