Sandrah Tubobereni

About Me

I am the Creative Director of an internationally renowned clothing brand, Tubo which was created to cater to the needs of fashionable women across the globe and it has become one of the leading luxury clothing brands in the world. I am best known for my unique designs, creativity, and impeccable desire to break free from the norm.

As an Alumni of the London College of Fashion, my vision is to make an impact and change the narrative of the fashion industry. I am internationally recognized for my creativity in redefining bridal attires while infusing distinct fashion elements to every piece. With my striking collections, I have also been considered to be one of the greatest influences in Africa.

My Story…

Watching my mother who was a seamstress craft beautiful designs while growing up inspired Me to start my clothing brand, Tubo. I had dreams of becoming the next creative director of an internationally renowned clothing brand. This drive for success spurred my interest in designing creative outfits for my clients, who were students in my university days.
Despite all challenges encountered , Tubo emerged. To gain more artistic knowledge in designing, I enrolled in a formal training school with Mofa as and received the experience needed to emerge as one of the best designers and creative entrepreneurs in the world. This experience inspired my decision to create outfits for elegant and stylish women.

As a fashion enthusiast who loves looking sophisticated and classy, I am passionate about changing the narrative of the fashion industry in Nigeria and setting the pace for young fashion entrepreneurs. In 2014, I made my debut into the Nigerian fashion scene. They released the debut collection of my brand titled, Le Premiere by TUBO, a Spring/Summer collection which featured popping colours, elegant pieces.

Tubo is known for its impeccable designs and strict attention to detail.

Entrepreneurship for me is more than just creating or designing elegant designs, it is also providing women with diverse options to choose from and find their style. My Tubo journey is a testament that Tubo represents the next generation of fashion entrepreneurs to take African fashion and the world by storm.