Sandrah Tubobereni

Sandrah Tubobereni

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Hi, I’m Tubo.

I am the Creative Director of an internationally renowned clothing brand, Tubo which was created to cater to the needs of fashionable women across the globe and it has become one of the leading luxury clothing brands in the world.


Tubo is a fashion powerhouse not just in Nigeria but globally. I have won several awards and accolades for my unsurpassed work and my role in changing the dynamics of the fashion industry in Africa and internationally. I have succeeded in showing diversity in my works by catering to the needs of brides, corporate women, and more. As an entrepreneur, I am showcasing the black culture, putting Africa on the global map, and exceeding expectations.

I grew up having an eye for luxury, encapsulated by the intrigues of travelling; seeing new places, and experiencing a lifestyle that’s highly coveted by every ambitious woman.

As the saying goes, “To whom much is given, much is expected”. I am passionate about impacting entrepreneurs and empowerment amongst the youth as a step towards national development and contribution to a greater Nigeria. One of the ways I have actualized this passion is by my free one day event called Impact Day.